Liuzhou Hotel is the first 5-star foreign tourism hotel in Liuzhou, and is located in the center of Liuzhou City, on the bank of Liujiang River. It is well known as a “Garden Hotel” with the fantastic scenery and beautiful landscape, now Liuzhou hotel is also the  member of CFHC (China Famous Hotel Corporations), and the member of ECHMEC(Europe -China Hotel Management Experts Council ).

The area of Liuzhou Hotel is more than 60,000 square meters where standing 8 buildings with 280 luxury guest rooms, 16 meeting rooms in different size, 23 dining halls of Chinese and western style, indoor and outdoor tennis courts, indoor swimming pools with heating system and many other modern advanced facilities. The newly-built international conference center fully functional, elegant a luxurious, equip with advanced high tech HD-FVD systems and simultaneous interpretation facilities. Since October 2007,it was put into service, it had been successfully to fulfill many conventions such as the UN industry development summit forum, the small and medium-size cities information meeting, the international indium meeting etc ,and get a high praise by all directions.
            Liuzhou Hotel, enjoying the popularity as “Liuzhou State Guest House”, is the important receive base for the city committee and the government .It used honorable to welcome the former proletariat revolutionists, such as, Zhou Enlai, Deng Xiaoping, Zhu De, and today’s Party and state leaders, Jiang Zemin , Li Peng, Zhu Rongji , Hu Jintao and Wu Bangguo, as well as the celebrities , like Li Zhongren and Hu Zhiming, the heads of the states and friends from foreign countries.

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